New Art [ramblings of a crazy lady]

Whenever I’m not delivering workshops for other people I’m always thinking about my own artistic practice [gluing stuff together]. This started with photography a decade ago and has developed from there [into madness?] I’m not afraid to take my ideas in new directions and give them a go [crazy woman]. Yes it can be scary when I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew [full size mannequin in the living room] but I’m always willing to follow through and see where it leads me [full size mannequin in the living room].

Exploring who we are is key to happiness and creating something can bring a peace that other activities fail to deliver [I’m thinking TV here]. The added bonus is that you have the finished artwork to show [or destroy if it’s a bit crap]. Making time to do the stuff I enjoy is vital otherwise I’d be working around the clock, so I often put in my diary ‘make art’ and tell people I’m not available on that day [selfish I know]. It’s something everyone should do at some point. I mean, how often do you promise yourself you’ll do something for yourself and then 100 other commitments come along and whisk you away from the stuff you wanted to do? Isn’t your life yours? So at some point you should be doing something that benefits you. We all give so much kindness to each other we can’t allow ourselves to always be at the bottom of the pile in giving ourselves some of that kindness [be nice].

So last night I spent a few hours after work [at 9pm] being kind to my artistic soul and giving myself the space I deserved [being nice]. This is the third in my New Forms series and there are a few things I want to do to this artwork before I can say it’s finished [here we go]. I’ve been thinking a lot about what this work is saying and how best to get this message across [omg arty bollocks coming up]. It’s taken me a while to figure things through but doing stuff and plunging into the making side of things has allowed me to work out the mental side of things. It has allowed me the space to work out the philosophy and psychology of what I’m doing to cement itself in my mind [arty bollocks alert! Awoooga! Awoooga! Alert! Alert!]. I’ll spare you the deep and meaningful stuff for now [phew] but I’ve done a write up on what New Forms is about which you can read by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile you can see more of the stuff I do [and even own some of it] over at my Redbubble store [25% off t-shirts today only] and Artfinder stores [please buy my art, I need more glue to play with].




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