Supporting Molly Olly’s

I created a print much like this which is currently for sale on my Artfinder store but this collage was created with something other than sales in mind. Every year I enter the Twitter Art Exhibit. This is a global exhibition which in previous years has seen my art shown in USA and Norway. The exhibition is free to all and every artwork is shown. The idea is that a local charity benefits from any sales of art and that local people benefit as a result. Even though I receive no fee I still create the best work that I can. It’s important to me that the work I create for the exhibition will appeal to somebody. The charities involved are relying completely on the artists giving their best so to sending something I’d love to own myself is vital to making the whole exhibition work.

In 2017 the Twitter Art Exhibit is showing in the UK. I’m really excited about this because it means I’ll finally get to support a UK charity. The exhibition will open on April 1st and is running in aid of Molly Olly’s Wishes. Molly Olly’s is based near Warwick and aims to give people the emotional support families need when their child is faced with a terminal illness. Molly Olly’s grant individual wishes and provide books and toys to children directly as well as to hospitals across the UK.

The exhibition will be at Stratford on Avon right in the heart of the country and I’m already planning a day off so that I can be there for the opening night. If you have no money but want to support the exhibition then why not enter the Twitter Art Exhibit yourself? It’s open to everyone regardless of artistic ability and experience and it’s free to enter. You never know, perhaps your art will be one of the thousands sold to raise money for Molly Olly’s. To find out more about the Twitter Art Exhibit follow this link HERE.

Meanwhile, go to Molly Olly’s Wishes and find out more about the original Molly and how she helped children just like her. Donate and find out more HERE.


‘Divided’ 6″ x 4″ postcard 



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