Bringing Gower Home to Swansea Chinese Community

Today saw a group from Swansea’s Chinese Community Co-op visit Gower as part of the Bringing Gower Home project. With more than half a century separating the youngest and oldest participants it was really interesting to see what photographic skills people had. Gower Heritage Centre is a brilliant place for families and even more brillianter* for thinking about the way we evolve. Historically and culturally there is a massive amount that we share as people; whether it’s the love of the beach, memories of using old weighing scales, or having fun with chickens. We all speak the same language when we’re telling our stories with pictures and we all have something to learn about the fascinating history of the Gower.

Bringing Gower Home is all about getting the world to engage with this special place and getting Gower to engage with the world. Today’s Swansea Chinese Community certainly did that and at the end of the workshop it was difficult to drag people away from this vibrant place. With five participants under ten years old it is great to think that boredom isn’t something on the agenda here. Incidentally, our youngest participant today was 2 years old. Can you guess which picture might be hers?

*I know ‘brillianter’ isn’t a real word but I like it.


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