We all make assumptions about people and situations. We assume everyone else is out there having a better time than us. We assume that everyone has more and life is unfair. Or we assume that everyone has less and is jealous and envious. We assume that a new skill is something we have to be taught by someone else rather than discovering it for ourselves. We assume that our possibilities are limited by our own budgets and our own habits. We assume that other people want to take advantage of us or are unfriendly because they look and talk differently to us. We assume the best for others and the worst for ourselves and vice versa. We assume that success has a monetary value. We assume that success is something for others to achieve.

Why assume? 

Why not ask? 

Be friendly. Be curious. Ask. Teach yourself something new. Play. Discover more about yourself and assume less about others. Talk to strangers. Make friends. Stretch yourself beyond the limits you’ve put on yourself. Find a mountain*. Make it yours. Value the big picture. Examine the little details. Live. Love. Learn. Be a success at who you are. Be who you were born to be. Be happy.

* Physical or metaphorical


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