I’ve been creating something new during this last week although I doubt this will ever show in a gallery. This is part of my New Forms body of work which is looking at ways to revisit my own sketches and create something more.

The intention is to create forms based around the human torso but this is not about bodies or fashion but about creating a new skin to represent my own being. Our selves are housed within an original corporeal bodies which shift and changes as we age and evolve. We add and subtract to build ourselves into something new; both mentally and physically.

Here I’ve been considering sutures to bind these collaged sketches together. This sampler of stitches doesn’t feel like a finished artwork but instead feels like a test-bed for something more. I want to go again with a different colour palette and focus just on one style of stitch to bind the pieces of paper collaged paper ‘flesh’.

I’m completing my New Forms between delivering community camera workshops so progress is slow on this personal body of work. Thinking of which, I’ll be delivering a new workshop for some lovely people in Townhill, Swansea on Wednesday. Can’t wait!


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