You are Great

You are great. Of course you are. Your life starts with you, ends with you, and is written by you. What’s that? You don’t think you’re that awesome? Well why not?

We get ground down by people and situations. We often forget to look after ourselves or we don’t yet know how. We’re more likely to dwell on the negative rather than the positive. ‘Look on the bright side’ seems to be something that other people say to try to cheer us up when they have no understanding of our problems. Well that’s not going to happen on my course.

The challenge to say I am Great is a very real one and that’s exactly what we are tackling here in Morriston on a Friday morning. Self-confidence and self-respect is something that comes through practice. It comes from picking yourself up and admitting that there is positivity out there that you deserve. Taking a chance and coming along to the I am Great workshop is the first challenge. The next challenge is to embrace new skills and new ideas and look for what is around you that can boost your day.

Well done to everyone who took the chance and believed in themselves this week. Hang onto that feeling of success. You are great. The proof is in the awesome photographs you took today.


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