Postcards to My Future Self

I’m in an exhibition opening on Tuesday over at Kingston University on the outskirts of London. Postcards to My Future Self is on show this week and features a whole heap of artists and writers who are keen to leave wise words for the future.

I can’t remember what I wrote so any wisdom I’ve left for myself certainly is short lived. The future is such an uncertain place but with a short memory the present can be equally bewildering. I leave messages for myself all the time to deal with my dodgy memory. Alarms, reminders, and diaries keep me on top of the things I’m supposed to keep on top of. The rest I’m happy to leave to chance.

So I don’t even know what I’ve got in this show. All I know is that on November 18th 2021 I’ll get a postcard reminding me of something trivial/important/miscellaneous. Meanwhile the Postcards to My Future Self exhibition is in the Foyer at Knights Park Campus, Kingston University, UK between 14th-18th November 2016. If you want to join in and leave a message for yourself you can visit for the special launch at 12 noon on Tuesday 15th November and fill in a postcard. The event is being run as part of Self Care Week at Kingston University.

Thinking of ‘self care’, I’ve spent the weekend completing another three dimensional form as part of my New Forms series. Harnessing and nurturing my artistic side is good for the soul. Here’s a detail from this latest work.






























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