Creating Calm

Finding a calm space and having time for yourself is what today was all about at Morriston. Together we visited the quiet of the River Tawe and gave our brains the chance to catch up with the rest of ourselves. We’re all busy people, rushing from one commitment to another, so it can be hard to fit in quality time for yourself where you’re simply allowed of be you. Today we rejected the idea that calmness is something that we are to just bounce across and consider ourselves lucky to experience. Instead we considered how to create calm photographs which can potentially be revisited in the future to help dispel anxiousness and stress.

We chatted about how being in green spaces can help improve the quality of our health. Being given time to really look at what’s there can create calming memories which we can take away with us. Later, back at base, we thought about how we can recreate that sense of inner quiet in a busy setting within a short time period. Nobody ever said this course would be easy. Being mindful of our own well-being is something which takes dedication and focus.

The photographs taken today are postcards of the inner tranquility that participants felt at various times through the morning. Photographs are powerful triggers of memory as well as capturing a specific time at a specific place. Looking at a photograph can transport you mentally to all sorts of experiences you once had. These photographs now have the power to transport our Morriston participants back to the calm they felt today.


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