Believe in Unique

What is a selfie? Why have you read that last sentence and are already imagining the stereotypical arm’s length duck face? So why do so many people just want to suck their cheeks in and pout at a mirror in a bathroom? How confident do you think people feel when they pull that face?

This morning in Townhill’s Phoenix Centre we chatted about how fitting in with other people is what the selfie pout is all about. It doesn’t share anything much with the world apart from our insecurities. Following the trend makes us feel like we belong to a group but it doesn’t always address the feelings we have inside as individuals. The challenge this morning was to face any insecurities we have and share something positive with the world.

Having banned the selfie duck face we opened the door for all sorts of options. A selfie can be a powerful thing for telling stories, showing emotions, living out fantasies, and sharing dreams with others. A selfie is all about controlling your own image and giving you the choice of what you feel you can share with the world.

Taking alternative selfies such as these means we can get things off our chest but it also gives us scope to play. Being yourself can change from moment to moment as well as from year to year. Having emotional baggage doesn’t have to define your future. What hasn’t killed you has definitely made you stronger. Maybe it’s time to shake off some of those inhibitions and embrace what it is about you that is unique. Be brave. Believe in different. It’s time to stop following the ducks and be proud of who you are.


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