Bringing Gower Home in the Rain

Today we were facing gale force winds and driving rain but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our latest Bringing Gower Home participants. This group, mostly from the North East of Swansea, braved the elements to see the Gower in the middle of winter.

Gower has an unspoiled beauty and can feel so remote that most people only associate it with summer ice cream and beaches. We looked at the historical bits of thatched cottages of Oxwich and saw how beautiful and powerful the sea can be in the winter. Whatever the weather, it’s important to be able to have fun. You can kick through the leaves or splash in the puddles at any age.

Bringing Gower Home provides a series of one day photography workshops on the Gower. The day workshop is followed up with a projected display of the participants’ favourite photographs at a venue convenient to the participating organisation. Here, each participant is encouraged to share their feelings about the experience and discuss their photographs with an invited audience. We’ll be back at base in Morriston next week to share memories of today.

The whole project experience is focused upon developing participants’ life skills, particularly self-esteem. The workshops encourage a connection with the landscape and celebrate what is personally special about the Gower. We focus on themes of Natural Gower, The Sea and Gower, Living on Gower, and  Historical Gower. I am organising, delivering, and supporting this project in collaboration with Gower Landscape Partnership (GLP) which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Natural Resources Wales, City and County of Swansea, and National Trust.


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