Who Are You?

I keep mentioning selfies and it’s a big feature in the Consider Yourself workshop that we’re running at Seion Newydd in Morriston. A self-portrait can be who you are right now, or an ambition, or a memory. It can be a slice of truth or lie. It can be a picture of a part of the physical thing that makes up you, or it can be an abstract to represent something that you hold close to you. A self-portrait can be taken by you or you can direct someone else to take the shot.

The important thing is that a self-portrait contributes to the story of you. It represents your self in the purest most philosophical meaning of the word. Who are you? Are you hiding? Are you the cat’s whiskers? Are you growing? Are you strong? Are you revisiting childhood memories? Are you confused? Are you just waking up?

Who are you? You are you.


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