What do you want to do?

Today was the last Consider Yourself session at Townhill so participants were given the a free choice as to what they wanted to photograph. By removing structure the real challenge is to look inside yourself and consider how best to use your time and new photography skills. This can be harder than you think!

As a guide we talked about the previous weeks and which parts of the course had interested us the most. We chatted about the birds and the sunshine, the views over Swansea, and how we’d had fun last week taking selfies. Today everyone went out and did their best in the cold November light. After a quick cuppa we narrowed down skills and choices so that everybody had a set of photographs they were happiest with.

Setting yourself the challenge to be happy can be a tough mission but our group did themselves proud. Participants said they felt more confident and more able to deal with life. I’ll be running a different camera confidence course here again in January. I’m hoping that some of today’s participants will return and try and improve their skills. It will be great to find out how long their new found confidence lasts and how well they’ve progressed onto other things. Often participants of my courses suffer with low self-esteem and find it hard to think positively. Consider Yourself challenges everyone to look at themselves, and their local environment, in a more positive and empowering way.


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