Comfort and Distance

Taking a photograph of yourself can communicate all sorts of emotions. If you’re above the camera you’re in a position of strength. If you’re a long way away you can indicate the need for privacy. Mix the two together and you have a photograph of strength and independence.

The sense of being confident and independent is important to our young photographers who are currently enjoying the I am Great course. Having the control of your own image can be empowering, and taking selfies on a sunny Friday morning has the added advantage gives you a space to have fun and be yourself. Having fun isn’t something that ends when you’re a child. Teens and adults just want to have fun too and today’s memories of fun in Morriston will last long into the future.

These powerful and fun images just go to show that it isn’t your past that defines you. Conversely self-belief, and willingness to believe in a better future, doesn’t just happen overnight. It might be tough, and it might take you a long time to reach your goals, but the future is not yet written and it is yours for the taking.

It’s up to us all to make it a positive one.


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