Time to Yourself

Consider Yourself at Morriston has given everyone the space to think about how often they get time to do what they want. Often there are duties and responsibilities that encroach on our time and we’re too tired to put ourselves first. This is the last session out of four workshops and I’ve been asking the group what they plan to do with their Tuesdays next week. With no workshop to go to, what will fill the gap? Should anything fill the gap?

After four weeks of having the space to reflect, the idea that Tuesday mornings should continue to be ‘your time’ isn’t a crazy one. Often there is purpose, obligation, and responsibility that drives us to do things. Surely it’s not selfish to write ‘me time’ in the diary for a few hours and use that time as an obligation to ourselves? It’s not being selfish, it’s maintenance. It’s not being slack, it’s regaining control. Saying “No, I want some me time” is not something we should have to fight to have or feel guilty for having. Schedule it into your diary and give yourself the opportunity to stay in, go out, do something, do nothing, and have a little time where you can recharge and put yourself first.

As a result of our discussions we encouraged everyone to have two hours this morning to go wherever and do whatever. Just come back with a few pictures to share your adventures. Have the space and the ‘me time’ that you deserve. The hard thing will be convincing yourself to continue the habit and Consider Yourself now the course has ended.


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