Bringing Gower Home from Oxwich

Yesterday we spent a few hours with participants from Morriston and Clydach who recently went to Oxwich as part of the Bringing Gower Home project. We chatted about how the course helped them see parts of the Gower they hadn’t previously discovered. Often the Gower is portrayed as a glorious picture postcard of a place. Just google photographs of Gower and you’ll see what I mean.

Many of the tourist style photographs of Gower are in no need of Photoshop because it really is genuinely that awesome and lovely when the sun is shining. Sadly for us life can’t be all beach balls and ice cream, we have to take the rough with the smooth. Some of the strongest storms and the heaviest rain fall on this lovely part of the world. As a result, our memories of Oxwich were of a mad, wild, windswept Gower. We shared stories of how long it took our feet to dry out afterwards after all the giggling and splashing in puddles we did. We also considered how photography is a completely inadequate tool for portraying the massive energy of the stormy waves battering the beach.

Sure, sunshine would have been nice but everyone agreed, Gower in the Winter is still a magical place. Take a look at all the photographs taken by the group on their Bringing Gower Home adventure by clicking HERE.


Laura by Karen


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