Today London, Tomorrow Minnesota!

Today sees a very special private view at the Kensington and Chelsea College in London. CollectConnect Retrospective is showcasing a huge range of international artists’ work from 6 years of CollectConnect exhibition which have taken place across the country. I got involved with CollectConnect back in 2011 for the Rarities exhibition and I’ve been contributing off and on ever since. I’ve met people from all walks of life and have probably travelled a thousand miles through travelling backwards and forwards across the country to be part of the experience.

CollectConnect Retrospective features photographs and ephemera from these exhibitions – Open Fridge, Fab Fridge 2010, Freezchester, Unblank, Lightbite, Brighton Open, SMartwalks, Rarities 2011, Patternotion, Art Jazzed Up, Jawspring, Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk, Hidebird 2012, MagnetBird, Freed Book, Future Bound, Cardboard City, Fab Fridge 2014, Dwell – Book of Nets, On the map, Art of Caring 2015, Art of Caring 2016, Relationship Map, Chapbooks, Postcards to My Future Self. I’ve highlighted in red all the ones I’ve been part of although I might have missed one or two out! It’s great to be part of such an inclusive art movement. CollectConnect embraces the ethos that art is for everyone and by everyone.

As artists we are designed to challenge the borders and structures that society placed on us, and this includes challenging the perceived restrictions of the world of art. It can be refreshing then to find your art exhibited on a lamp post next to that of a child, or in a theatre alongside an international  jazz musician, or on a random bench along the River Thames. Sadly I won’t be there for the CollectConnect Retrospective opening tonight due to other commitments. Please go along in my place and enjoy if you’re in London. The show runs until 8th December (open 9-5pm)

Similarly I’m unable to travel across to Minnesota for tomorrow night for the opening of Sketchorama! in the New Bohemian Gallery in Brainerd, Minnesota. The show actually opened earlier this month but the launch party was delayed due to weather. I’ve shown a few times at the New Bohemian and I’m really pleased that my first collection of hand-drawn sketches are being shown at this awesome gallery. The show runs until January 14th so there’s plenty of time if you’re in the US to get across and see the show. Sketchorama! features sketchbooks from a range of international artists with the brief to fill a sketchbook with whatever we please. We all worked to the same size sketchbook so it will be interesting to find out how inventive other people have been with their books.

I can’t wait to see photographs from the CollectConnect Retrospective launch, and the Sketchorama! launch. So if you’re in London UK today, or Brainerd USA tomorrow please pop along and let me know how it goes!



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