Fully Formed

Here you go, as promised, the next in my New Forms series. It’s a full torso cast collaged with a reworked sketchbook. Here are lith prints and cyanotypes alongside pictograms and pinholes. It’s been an interesting experience going back over this sketchbook and reworking it into something new. The hardest thing was taking the plunge and tearing up the book. That threshold was a tricky one to cross because we’re so used to treasuring things and treating them as untouchables. After so many hours work going into creating the sketchbook, and so many years keeping it ‘safe’, it did feel wrong to treat it so viscerally. I still have a few prints left over from the experience so I may well visit this collection of paper matter and create an additional New Form from it in the future.

The next New Form will feel easier since I’m going to be working with someone else’s sketches. Ripping into something you feel no personal attachment to is a lot easier because the connection is totally different and not loaded with memories or experiences. More news on that in the next day or so…


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