I’ve put aside some time during the last few days to do a little sketching out some doodles. I feel most at home drawing with a scalpel rather than a pencil. I can’t explain why and neither would I want to.

Drawing with a scalpel means precision but it also means adapting to mistakes. A doodle which starts off with a flower in mind may end up as a bird due to some rogue cuts here and there. As a result these sketches are not predetermined or defined in any way. They just happen as they happen and develop one cut at a time.

A little patch of pastel paper on the reverse and I’ve accidentally created some new greetings cards. These will be on sale from the start of February at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. I might take some photographs of these doodles and see what I can turn them into something more using digital means. I’ll keep you posted on how this little detour develops. 


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