Life after Stroke

Today we delivered a taster workshop for Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group. Two hours isn’t a long time to get stuck into things but this group really thought about what they wanted to express and why. Life after stroke can be complex and confusing but it can also be an opportunity to take stock of what life can be about.

Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group meet regularly to support each other in building a more meaningful life after stroke. Doing a photography workshop where you investigate your local surroundings in innovative ways is a great way to share in what life has to offer. Looking forward and taking everything one step at a time can be frustrating but it can also be liberating too.

Our group went out and found a huge range of things to express how they felt. They looked too for interesting compositions and colours to make themselves feel good. This is a massive challenge for anyone on a cold and wet December morning in Neath but our photographic explorers were not deterred! Later we returned to base and used close up photography of ordinary objects to try and fool each other. Without a larger frame of reference a puddle of milk can look like Australia and a leaded window can look like an abstract painting!

Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group meet every Wednesday morning at Melincryddan Community Centre. If you live close you’re welcome to join in with the group’s activities. They provide online support via Facebook and Twitter too! Alternatively if you (or a family member) is building a new life after stroke you can find a group local to you via the Stroke Association website. Just click HERE and find the support you need. If other stroke support groups are anything like the Neath Port Talbot Group then you’re in good hands!

We’re hoping to work again with Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group some time in 2017. Watch this space!


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