Sketches and Collaborations

I’ve been working on my New Forms series for a while now, destroying and reinterpreting my sketches into something other. The next artwork will not feature my art as such and will be a collaboration. I’m not a big one for collaborations. I prefer to work through my own issues and ideas in a solitary way. Trying to weave other people’s ideas into my own has never really fitted well in my head.

So it really is a big thing for me to be creating this next artwork. Instead of working with my own sketches I’ve taken some work by Ryan Christopher Courtier & Tim Kelly and destroyed it for my own ends. Ryan is a fellow collage artist so he gets the need to seek and destroy paper imagery, meanwhile Tim’s drawings are equally as destructive/reconstructive in their manner.

It’s a different feeling to working with my own sketches since there is less of a connection that I’m forming with the work. The time it takes to create the New Form is shorter and the history of the material I’m working with isn’t mine. I’ve always taken a long time about creating my art. Even with previous collaborations, for the series Structured Chaos, the process of making was very long and laborious. The idea of taking a long time to make art is something which has always comforted me. I meditate and ruminate on what I’m seeing and doing. I’m thinking more about the world and my place in it and slowing down my natural impulsivity accordingly. Whist each Structured Chaos piece took up to a month, each New Form takes just a few days.

Regardless, it is my intention to collaborate with other artists and create New Forms. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone for this collection and make sure I’m challenging myself to the best of my ability. Ripping up Ryan &  Tim’s collaboration to form a new piece is exciting for all! This should be finished in the next day or so, I’ll be looking then for another artist to work with. If you’re interested in sending me your sketches for this series let me know!




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