I’ve been prepping for several projects over the last few days. I’m planning the next New Form as well as finishing off the current one. This next work will involve hands rather than torsos and it’s taking a bit of experimenting to get it right. Thinking about how to get the paper cast off the preformed mannequin hand has taken a while but I reckon the mental gymnastics are just about done on that visualization.

Meanwhile I’m also prepping for a music video that I’ll be shooting in Cardiff later this week. Lots of plans, storyboards, treatments, doodles, and directorial meetings are leading to a shopping list of tech and props. Filming further away from home means all bases have to be covered when it comes to anticipating what the director will need. 

Preproduction is the most interesting phase for me. Thinking through the logistics and putting contingency plans in place is where the fun stuff happens in my head. I can see the video evolving in my head before we’ve even turned on the camera! More news on all of this later this week…


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