The Hand of Hell

The other day I mentioned a break from working with torsos and moving onto hands for my New Forms series. I realised this would be more ambitious but I didn’t realise just how hard it is to mould paper around hands. This is my second attempt now at best understanding how to do this and it really is tricky.

It has taken me around six hours (over two days) to get to the stage where I can say I’m happy with three fingers and the palm. There’s a lot of sitting and holding stuff in place waiting for glue to dry as well as revisiting the hand after an hour or so to check the paper is still behaving as it should whilst the glue takes.

I want to be completely happy with the structural integrity of this blank canvas before I start collaging pieces of another artist’s work over the top. The process is teaching me a lot about the anatomical structure of the hand so it isn’t completely frustrating. The fact that it’s taking me a while to get right is actually a therapeutic thing for me. It’s allowing me to connect more with the piece and ruminate on what this collaboration will mean.


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