New Forms with Graham Parker

After a few lazy days over the holidays I’m back at it today. I’m continuing with my latest New Form which I’m creating in collaboration with Swansea artist Graham Parker. Graham is renowned for his seascapes on canvas so this is a very different kind of work to be involved in.

Here I’ve taken one of his very early works on paper and restructured it to take on the form of a collaged hand. The original abstract painting was very visceral and bright with forms approximating internal body parts. It seems fitting then that the insides are now forming the outside of something new.

When I chose Graham’s painting he understood what it would involve; that I’d be ripping it up to create something other. It’s been interesting to chat with him whilst this work develops and hear his ideas on what I’m creating as a response to his painting. This is uncharted territory for the two of us. 


4 thoughts on “New Forms with Graham Parker

  1. Astonishing work Melanie.

    My large works in ink were rehearsals for a series of paintings incorporating corporeal entities within surreal landscapes.

    You have, in this collaboration, rediscovered a time and place for these paintings from two decades ago, allowing them to evolve into the very skin and substance of your current work.

    An intriguing and exciting collaboration.

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