Townhill is Great

Today we’ve started a new I am Great course with a dad’s group in Swansea. We’ve spent the morning working out what we can see around us which is great and which inspires us. Some participants know the area well whilst others are new to this part of the world so it has been interesting to compare notes on what we see that is new and refreshing to us.

Taking pictures is a very personal experience and there is no textbook to tell you what is in your soul. Similarly some people know instinctively what they’re great at whilst others are still trying to find what inspires them. With I am Great we start with the assumption that you’re awesome and then work at finding out why this is true. It makes a welcome change from looking at all the bad things in life and beating yourself up about what’s going wrong. Expressing yourself positively using a new skill is what it’s all about.

We were thinking too about how we can communicate visually to each other using pictures to represent words. Below are photographs representing the following words: pipes, square, happy, tea, bird, button, rough, blue, round. It might be obvious to each photographer which these are but can you work them out?


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