New Fab Malum Rocket Science Workers Adventures

A new year often brings with it the need to restructure a few things so over the last few days I’ve been overhauling my some stuff and tidying up lots of other stuff. Restructuring the way I do things is a healthy way to progress forward. Putting away images and projects that are complete and removing them from my PC* is a great way to look forward. Whilst clearing everything out I’m assessing what’s important, what’s relevant, and what can carry me forward onwards and upwards. It allows me to set targets for what I want to achieve in 2017 and draw upon ideas that I’d forgotten about to create new things.

So what’s on my PC now I’ve finished my digital spring cleaning? For a start I have a file full of upcoming and ongoing photography workshops. I’ll be continuing to deliver to the Phoenix Centre at Townhill Swansea but there are also workshops upcoming to Dyfatty (Swansea), Sandfields (Swansea), Melin (Neath), Cwmafan (Port Talbot), Morriston (Swansea), and Croeserw (Port Talbot). We’re overhauling and reviewing some of the materials used for some of our courses as well as starting a brand new course based on more contemplative and mindful practices.

Next, I’m looking at a whole heap of video files for Malum Sky. I’m producing a new music video for them at the moment which I’ve been shooting under the expert directorship of Ben Honebone. The next gig is at The Dragonffli in Pontypool this coming Friday where I’ll be gathering more video and photographs for future use. This is an evolving project which is changing almost daily at the moment. We were shooting more pickups last night and it’s turning into some sort of epic music video masterpiece, definitely more ambitious than anything Ben and I have created before. Check out Ben’s YouTube playlist page HERE to see the films we’ve made in previous years.

What else, oh yes! I’m looking at a file here labelled Fringe Arts Bath. Last year Tim Kelly and I returned to Bath for a second year with A FaB InterventionThis year we’re making it bigger and better with a static exhibition to complement the performance event. A FaB Intervention: Material Responses will be going live in the next day or so for submissions from artists of all disciplines. I’ll tell you more the moment that becomes active. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever so we’re bringing Ben Honebone on board as an additional curator. More on that in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, my New Forms collection is taking shape. I’m currently using artwork created by Graham Parker which I’m restructuring into the shape of a hand. There’s been more progress since I wrote about this the other day. Read all about it HERE, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more about that later in the week as it moves onto the next phase of creation.

I’m also seeing a file on my PC which says Workers Gallery, Red Bubbleand ArtFinderI’ll be continuing to show new and recent work at the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. Today is the last day to catch some January bargains before the gallery reopens at the start of February for a new series of exhibitions. Meanwhile I’ll be continuing to sell some of my older works online over at my Artfinder shop and a range of bespoke gifts, clothes, and awesome stuff based on my designs are available exclusively online on my Red Bubble shop.

The last file I have on my PC is labelled ‘Tutoring’. Not a lot of people know that I also teach maths, physics, and a few other things. Using my science background is a great way to complement my arts projects. I have a joint honours in pure and applied maths (as well as the first class honours in photography) so I’m more than happy with rocket science, nuclear physics, and the odd spot of differential calculus. What can I say, I get bored easily I suppose. I find it refreshing to have my brain meats cooking in so many different mental pies.

Well, that’s my PC overhauled and cleaned out for another year. Whatever happens next in 2017, I can guarantee it won’t be boring!



*backing up to hard drive.


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