The Good, the Bad, and the Hairy

We started another great workshop today, this time at Dyfatty Community Centre in Swansea. I am Great looks at what makes us awesome and what the area has to offer that can inspire us. Dyfatty is famous for its traffic lights, boarded up shops, and tower blocks so most people would say this is not necessarily a great neighbourhood. But life’s what you make it and being positive is a mindset and should be independent to anything the town planners may have conjured up in the past.

We started off by exploring the neighbourhood and finding photographic inspiration. Looking at shapes and textures, as well as things that make us happy is what it’s all about. Happiness is a personal perspective so we encouraged our participants to share what makes them feel good and share ideas about why these things float their boat. What one person sees as a negative, someone else might see as a positive. Old buildings might inspire a history and a connection or they might invoke feelings of sadness and abandonment. With the right frame of mind the good, the bad, and even the hairy can all bring feelings of positivity to a dull Tuesday morning in Dyfatty.


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