Our Epic Dads

Today we revisited Townhill and took a look at the beautiful landscape on offer. This really is a very special part of Swansea. On a day like today you can see for almost 50 miles across Swansea Bay. It’s just breathtaking!

I am Great starts off by assuming participants are great and builds on why this might be true. Some participants claim they don’t feel like they’re natural photographers, whilst others protest they’re not very good because they’ve no experience of doing this kind of thing before. It’s far too easy to put ourselves down when you’re nervous about trying something new, but the fact that this group of dads from Townhill are willing to rise to the challenge is proof that they’re totally great. The ultimate proof of their awesomeness is in the photographs below. These pictures are absolutely brilliant for appreciating this epic landscape and showing it in all its glory. They really are a talented bunch.

I can’t wait to see what great stuff they end up with next week! Please, if you like what you see leave a comment so I can tell our epic dads what you think of their photographs. Thanks.


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