Being Mindful

This morning we started a brand new course looking at how to make the most of our time and the ways we can enjoy a peaceful life. Being Mindful encourages participants to live in the moment and explore this moment through photography. Since life is a series of connected moments this could be seen as a bit of a ridiculous statement but it really is all about prolonging one moment to the exception of others.

We started off at base in Sandfields and then explored the Vetch in Swansea. This old Swansea City football ground is now a park with allotments and can be a very calm and welcoming space. We chatted about what elements of this place make us feel free and at peace. We looked at what boundaries are set to hinder us and which elements within this space are ones that we can identify with.

By creating photographs that explore particular elements of this space we are being more mindful of our surroundings. We need to be aware of what is around us before we attempt to deal with what is within. Calmness is something that we need to learn to generate. For some people mindfulness this will be a very natural thing, others will discover it as the weeks progress. We’ll be recording our ideas on peace and a sense of personal space on Monday mornings throughout January and February.



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