Art’s Birthday

Today our group from Dyfatty Community Centre embraced Art’s Birthday and took to the High Street in search of inspiration. We found art deco elephants above a bookies, and discovered art books left on the pavement, and art in-situ at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.

Some of our group had never been to the Glynn Vivian before despite some being resident in Swansea all their lives. Some didn’t even know it was there for them to visit.* We shared stories about some of the older buildings in Swansea and looked at how Art is transforming the High Street in a really positive way. This sector is full of community support, housing, street art, and creative hubs working hard to make the High Street a better place to be. Throw in some amazing Victorian Churches and you find a wonderful juxtaposition between old and new. This part of Swansea is a thriving patchwork blanket of cultures and histories. This gateway to Swansea is an evolving space, and has been for more than a century. We captured the best of what we found and shared ideas on why this made us feel good.

*To me this is a travesty. A major art gallery in Swansea has failed to engage with residents who live just half a mile away. Some document somewhere has ‘Community Engagement’ written on it but which community it is engaging with is a mystery to me. Still, that’s a bugbear for another day…


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