Be FaB

This year I’m co-curating an event at Fringe Arts Bath here in the UK. I’ve been involved with this festival for many years now and I love the way it brings art and the public together. Fringe Arts Bath is a haven for inclusivity. Run entirely by volunteers, the organisers understand what a fight it can be to get art to the people. We bypass the starchy galleries and take over disused shops, and the streets, for a fortnight.

This year I’ll be joining fellow curators Ben Honebone and Tim Kelly in bringing performance and art to the streets of Bath through A FaB Intervention: Material Responses. We’re theming our event by inviting artists to submit their works in response to our own artistic musings. We have considered what Bath means to us as contemporary creatives and created words, visuals, and music for you to respond. We’ll be sharing this with you via our Fab Intervention Blog which can be found HERE on the Fringe Arts Bath website. We want to form a dialogue with you as an artist. As we get submissions in we’ll be responding further with more inspiration via our Blog.

So how can you get involved? Well, we’re looking for artists of all disciplines. It doesn’t matter what medium you usually work in, we want you. A FaB INtervention: Material Responses will be twofold:

  1. A static exhibition to run the duration of the Fringe Arts Bath festival (2 weeks). This will showcase artworks by contemporary non-performative artists who have created work in response to our call out.
  2. A performance event on Saturday 27th May for selected interventionist artists and performers. We’ll be sharing your disparate responses with the people of Bath out on the streets. In previous years we’ve been right in the heart of Bath’s commercial streets with an audience of thousands. This is your chance to show Bath what it’s really about.

Are you interested in finding out more? Email me or take a look at the website  for a gallery of photographs to get your creative ideas flowing. We’ll need all submissions in by Monday 27th March so don’t delay, contact us today!!




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