Camera Adventures

Today we were at Townhill for the last I am Great workshop with our dads’ group. This group are going to be having an exhibition of their work on February 21st at the Phoenix Centre so we thought about how we could share one image which sums up everything we’ve learned in the last four weeks for sharing with the world.

This group have been awesome at embracing new ideas and concepts and today they didn’t disappoint. Everyone seemed desperate to go play in the sunshine and the results are absolutely amazing. Townhill is full of secret back lanes, playing fields, and fenced off areas. It’s an urban playground like no other and our group took it upon themselves to invent stories and scenarios to accompany their photographs.

I’m still gobsmacked at how quickly our dads have picked up their new photography skills and I can see some participants carrying on with their camera adventures and taking their new-found confidence to all new levels. Already people are talking about trying other new courses and finding out more about how they can improve themselves with other new skills. They’re proving that being a stay-at-home dad doesn’t mean you have to stay at home, and that making themselves more employable is partly down to gaining self-confidence and being more empowered to move forward with life.

I can’t wait to catch up with these guys again in February and find out how they’re using the skills they’ve learned with I am Great to continue being great in every way. Below are the best photographs from this epic group from the last 4 weeks. See them at the Phoenix Centre in Townhill 1-3pm on Feburary 21st.


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