Goals and Ambitions

I’ve been steadily chipping away at targets and goals as part of my own personal arts practice. It’s difficult to make time for myself when I’m busy helping others through my workshops. It can be hard to practice what you preach when life gets in the way but I’m determined to make things happen for me. Perhaps my goals will take longer to achieve than some people but unless I try then I don’t see anyone else making them happen for me.

This year is starting slowly but I’m already involved in a few exhibitions here and there. First up will be this little sketch called ‘The Architect’ which will show at the Small Faces Exhibition in Southampton at the Solent Showcase Gallery in March. This image is the latest in of a series of sketches which have appeared in the UK and US in 2016 as part of the Sketchorama exhibition in Minnesota, and  the Secret Art Sale which happened in Richmond on Thames last September.

Then on April 1st I’ll be in the Twitter Art Exhibit in Stratford upon Avon. This year artworks will be sold in aid of Molly Olly’s Wishes. Then later in May I’ll be participating in Fringe Arts Bath. Both these exhibitions are part of my annual diet when it comes to showing my art. I don’t consciously limit myself to the same exhibitions but some organisations are more deserving of my support than others. Whilst some galleries charge a hefty fee for entry and are very exclusive with the art they choose, others are far more inclusive and reach a wider audience.

Primarily I make art for me, for my own sanity, and for my own well-being. Any success after that can only be predetermined to a certain extent. There is a lot of luck in reaching the right curators and not being fleeced by massive entry fees along the way. I cannot worry myself about that. I cannot architect my way or influence beyond my own boundaries. I have no career goals with my art other than to do the best I can for myself. The art world isn’t structured like other industries. There is no clear career path or promotion. Everything is subjective. If I cannot make sense of it because there is no sense to make then I have to just do what I know to be right for myself.

In that respect, as long as I am putting aside a certain amount of time for myself to create then I’m doing well. My ambitions are simply to have peace of mind and be the best that I can be. Success doesn’t have a value other than that which you place on it yourself. I don’t mind if I’m not ‘known’ in the national media. I don’t mind if my TV appearances haven’t even been in this country. I don’t care if press is limited for my art. I don’t need to be popular to know that what I’m achieving is good. It is this personal sense of success, well-being, and self-respect that is more important to me.

After drawing this I feel pretty successful today.


‘The Architect’ 4″ x 6″ ink and paper



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