Being Mindful In Cwmafan

Today we started a new group in Cwmafan, it was tidy, it was good, we are pleased, they liked it, photos were tidy, all good like.

But seriously, it really was a lovely workshop to be facilitating. Our participants were all local to the Cwmafan area so it was great to learn what this area is about. Cwmafan is situated in the lovely Afan Valley in Neath Port Talbot and is popular with tourists and cyclists. This little town is sandwiched between tree covered mountains next to a roaring river. What more could local people ask for?

Often day to day living can get us down and we don’t always see our own towns as idyllic. Being Mindful helps us to think about the things that are often overlooked. It ensures we don’t lose sight of our focus, and helps us discover the ordinary in extraordinary ways. By providing the focus and the space for our group to simply be, we’re enabling them to consider Cwmafan as something new and interesting. Our local tourists are on holiday in their own backyards. Now they’ll be spending the week between workshops looking at the space others see and appreciating the potential of Cwmafan.

Next Wednesday we’ll be exploring the park nearby and thinking about how parks can help us stay calm and focussed. I’m sure the photographs will be just as tidy next week too!


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