Up and Over

Today I went up and over the mountains to the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. As a resident artist, my plan was to hang some new work and see what this new year has in store.

I’ve decided to share some of my Structured Chaos works at the gallery. This collection was created with Ben Honebone last year and were shown last autumn as part of my solo show at the Workers. Since this was only a two week show I realise it was a limited window of opportunity to see these works. I feel it’s only fair to let people see these works again on a regular basis.

I never presume to sell my work. Of course it’s nice to have money in my pocket but I also appreciate that buying art isn’t an everyday thing for most of the world. It has been a while since I sold a piece and I’ve often considered giving it all up. I’m my own worst critic and I should believe in myself more. Thankfully the support of friends and colleagues has kept me going through these moments of doubt and here I am, still making art and working hard to promote myself after almost six years since graduating.

No sooner had I unwrapped today’s delivery to the gallery when Ascension caught the eye of a visitor. Within minutes it sold! I am still pinching myself. I feel so pleased for the new owner of my work. All I ever want is for others to enjoy seeing the art that I make. The fact that a collector enjoys my art so much that she wants to own it is an immense privilege.

Being part of such a supportive gallery has helped massively. The Workers Gallery is very progressive and forward-thinking in supporting and promoting contemporary artists. It really is the best little gallery in South Wales for showing… And selling!!

Visit the Workers Gallery in Porth Road, Ynyshir, Thursday-Saturday and see for yourself. Meanwhile, you can see Ascension and other works from Structured Chaos by clicking HERE 


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