Today’s Workplace…

For a while I’ve been doing a little thing on Facebook which I’ve called Today’s Workplace. Delivering workshops all over South Wales means I’m lucky enough to find myself in lots of different outdoor spaces. I’ve discovered parks and beaches which I never knew existed. I’ve become an expert in assembling community centre tables and finding a kettle where none knew existed.

For the last four weeks Today’s Workplace has been at the Vetch field in Sandfields, Swansea. This little inner-city haven has its own veg patch and playground. In the summer it’s a paradise for birds and bees and fun for picnics.

We’ve been lucky that every week has been dry and that participants have been able to enjoy this space for some mindful photography. We’ve laughed, played, and cared more about the immediacy of living in the moment. We’ve considered calmness and tranquility as well as seeing our world as a more harmonious place to be.

Next week we’ll be considering similar themes at Melin Community Centre in Briton Ferry. I can’t wait to see what Today’s Workplace will be then!



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