Classy Clase

Today we started a new course up at Clase Flying Start. Clase is on the radar for most of the UK as being the home of the DVLA* but it isn’t on many people’s radar for much else. I love Clase. I love that you’re so high up that you can see into the Brecon Beacons to the north and Swansea Bay to the south. From this estate you’re on top of the world so it’s a great opportunity to run an I am Great course and make sure people who are connected to Clase also feel on top.

With not many experienced photographers we always use the first week to get to know everyone and do some activities which help people get used to seeing their world differently. We spent the morning looking for suitable photographs of assorted shapes and words. Already you can see that this group have awesome potential as photographers. I can’t wait to visit classy Clase again next Tuesday and see what they produce next!

*Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency. Everyone who drives in the UK ends up knowing this address.


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