Looking and Seeing

Sunny Cwmafan was the setting for today’s Being Mindful workshop. First we visited the nearby Parc Siencyn Powell and had a look at the landscape. Cwmafan is a history of mixed uses, from farming to heavy industry and now tourism. Twenty first century Cwmafan is a now a mountain biker’s mecca so gone are the slag heaps of old and instead this sleepy village is more geared towards tourism and local living.

We chatted about the change in landscape as we took these photographs. The park itself has been through its own landscape changes since Jenkin Powell attempted to save four young boys who fell through the ice of the park’s large pond in 1940. All perished and there is now a playground, bowling green, and tennis court in place of the pond. The park was recently renamed in honour of Jenkin Powell (Siencyn Powell is the Welsh spelling). With all this in mind our landscapes were full of our own ideas about the park’s changing history and also our place in that timeline. It’s easy to get carried away in our own stress and politics and forget that we’re part of a larger history.

It can be humbling to pause a while and reflect on where we stand, and remember our place in the greater scheme of things. The olden days were not always better than the present. We are blessed with a beautiful, safe, welcoming park which gives us the space to be ourselves. We can reflect on who we are in the present moment and welcome in a happy future.

Look as what you have and see things for what they really are. Be happy in the present moment. Find your local park and embrace the peace!


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