Mojo, Malum Sky, and Moderation

I’ve been using this blog to write about my art creation and also my photography workshops but that’s not all I’m up to these days. I used to blog here every day but I found I was spending more time sat at the laptop than actually doing stuff. I’ve always believed you should have everything in moderation, including moderation, so when things get a bit hectic I always balance out with a few rest days. This is why the majority of the world works a 5 day week and has the weekend. I just save up my weekends I suppose and have them in one go.

The last few days I’ve been following Malum Sky across the country for a couple of gigs. I love their music and it’s an absolute privilege to be doing a little photography and video work with them. I’ve also been doing some care work for a friend, compiling a Chemistry GCSE booklet for someone else, writing a bio, sending an email for a neighbour, chatting about art with Rose Davies, baking cookies, doing anything and everything to avoid facing the fact that my own creativity has taken a little detour lately. It’s difficult to get back to making when I’m so distracted. But then if I enjoy the distractions then is that such a bad thing? Inspiration can come from a variety of places so if I am in that variety of places then I’ll find the inspiration to deliver the goods eventually. Won’t I? Yeah, listen to me make up excuses for my own lack of self-discipline with my art. I need to stop these avoidance tactics now and break open the glue and get stuck into the latest in my New Forms collection.

If I gave the same dedication and devotion to my art that Malum Sky give to their music I’d be world famous. Somebody please tell me to stop playing with these photographs. Willpower, self-discipline… c’mon Melanie, it’s about time you started creating something for yourself rather than for other people. Stop procrastinating and use this weekend to get that creative mojo back. Do it NOW!


Malum Sky live at The Scene 9 Feb 2017


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