Mindful Melin

We’re over in the Neath on Mondays for the next four weeks looking at Mindful Melin at Melincryddan Community Centre. The Melin is in one of the poorest regions in Wales and as such gets overlooked for a variety of reasons. Most people pass through here on their way to other things and other places. All the heavy industry is long gone and people who work either commute to the larger towns and cities or have moved away.

But the story here isn’t all doom and gloom. We’ve always found that the community spirit here is an enviable one. Where most places are losing their sense of community, Melin is tight knit, positive, and welcoming. It really is one of the nicest places to deliver workshops. We’re delivering Mindful Melin through the Communities First programme which is about to be axed. (Read all about that here.) Whilst we’re unsure what the replacement scheme has to benefit the Melin, we know that the people of the Melin will be positive and resilient about their lot.

This week we’re harnessing their positivity and looking at the world around us. We looked at photographing things up close to make it hard for others to guess, we also considered compositions based on different shapes we could find. Finally, we photographed the things that make us happy. Living in the moment and staying upbeat is the key to success. It gives you the strength to tackle the hard times as well as making you feel good about the world you live in. It gives you the mental tools to apply for that job interview and feel good enough about yourself to try something new.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what they get up to next Monday. We’ve already agreed the monkey should definitely attend every week!


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