Mood and Landscape

We often get told by participants on workshops that they feel their photograph might have been better if only it was sunny. Well, unless you have some kind of magical meteorological device which I don’t know about there isn’t any way to get the sun to appear to order. Life isn’t about wishing for things you can’t get but instead appreciating the things you do have.

At Clase today we had moody grey skies and a misty view over the mountains and the city. It was bitterly cold in the wind and threatening rain or sleet or something horrible to drop from the skies any second. But that’s Clase in February for you, and rather than get depressed about it we made the most of exactly what was on offer.

We found hearts in trees, a horse, the start of Spring, water storage, barriers and open spaces. We imagined what Clase would look like in 3 weeks time when Spring kicks in properly.* It’s a real privilege to be here at the change of the seasons; watching the tail end of Winter leave us and Spring start to take hold. We improved on our compositional skills from last week and thought of the most inventive ways we could represent a moody Tuesday in Clase. Most importantly though, we found a unique sense of community, and we had fun!

*We’ll still be here then so it will be great to compare the photographs here with those we take on the final week.


One thought on “Mood and Landscape

  1. I like the winter light. Sometimes in the summer the colours get burnt-out, or the shadow becomes too extreme and the camera struggles to cope with the light differential. We live in a country of muted colours and it’s up to us to capture the subtle tones. There’s some very imaginative images in this collection; it’s amazing what you see when you ‘look’.

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