Who are you Cwmafan?

Today’s workshop at Cwmafan Library focused on the idea of a portrait as a reflection of our personalities. Who we are is a complex mix of part, present, and wishing for the future. Sometimes we give our time willingly to others, other times we struggle to find time for ourselves. Our characters are always evolving along with our local neighbourhood. Our lives start with us and end with us and somewhere in the middle we muddle along the best we can with what life throws at us.

Here our group have looked at how best to represent their life’s journey so far. The photographs represent new skills to be learned as well as old ones rekindled. They show family history and employment history. They also show hidden reflections of today’s participants. They’re not your conventional selfies but then Cwmafan is not a conventional place. Our participants dug deep into the philosophy and concept of the self and found the best ways to represent an evolving persona.


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