In other news…

Meanwhile, I’m also writing a blog for A FaB Intervention over on the Fringe Arts Bath website. Together with fellow curators Ben Honebone and Tim Kelly, we’re asking artists to respond to stimuli that we’ve created. We’ve posted drawings, photographs, video, and music to give artists and performers ideas on what to create. Their responses will be displaying in a two week exhibition as part of Fringe Arts Bath in May/June or will form part of a street performance event on Saturday 25th May.

It’s really exciting to be part of Fringe Arts Bath again. It’s one of the biggest arts events on the calendar! Find out more on how you can get involved HERE.



2 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. Hi Melanie,

    OOPS! I would really like to get involved in Fab Intervention somehow, if it’s not too late does sounds awesome!! Have just discovered deadline is today for some entries I thought deadline was 28th April but that date is for the Bath Open. Which of the Call Outs are you involved in? Can’t make the FaB Photo-marathon I’m away & press room is now closed unfortunately. Do you know which are still looking for entries? They were keen about me volunteering a month or so ago but would be FAB to contribute creatively too! Your link attached to this is unresponsive, technology for you hey! Bring on the press room!

    Kind Regards Louisa Johnson

  2. Louisa, it’s far too late and we’ve already cancelled ‘A FAB Intervention’ for this year because not enough people applied. You will have to visit the Fringe Arts Bath website to see which other call outs are still open to applications and find out who is running them.

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