The Art of Friendship

New Forms is an ongoing exploration through building life-sized artworks around a model torso. Throughout the series I am deconstructing and collaging work of other artists, and sometimes my own, to create a new three-dimensional forms.

My original concept for New Forms was to go back over my past sketches and sketchbooks and use the material of my past to create a new body of work for the future. The canvas being a mannequin enhances the idea of a corporeal body which evolves as it transitions from past to future. These new ‘skins’ I’m creating speak new volumes from the remains of the old.

Through inviting other artists to donate me pieces of their past I’m no longer thinking of myself as a singular being but am evolving ideas on community cohesion. The experiences I have are not always my own since they are formed and informed by the actions of others. We are moving forward together as a society. It is almost impossible to exist without human contact of some sort and our collective pasts overlap and inspire who we are today. People who may not have featured in that past are here today to help evolve our futures. Our timelines are twisted and interwoven together, layered in sometimes obscure and incredible ways.

For New Forms 7 I have used source material provided by fellow artist Graham Parker. This material is more than a decade old and is part of a previous portfolio of painted works on paper. This creation by an earlier version of himself has been reworked into something more relevant to who he is today. The stitching follows the same style of suture that Graham recently received as part of ongoing NHS care. Meanwhile the hand is symbolic not just of our practice as fine artists but also the hand of friendship which we share. Through recycling and reworking Graham’s imagery into something tangible and solid we are merging practices through multiple timelines. New Forms 7 is a creation not just of this period in time but over several periods of our combined history. Time for us is not linear but instead forms a sustainable web of dialogue between each other and a wider society.

Graham and I have agreed to submit these images for The Art of Caring exhibition which will take place at St George’s Hospital in London 3rd-12th May to coincide with International Nurses Day. A selection of work from this exhibition will also be exhibited at St Pancras Hospital, London, from 20th July to 19th October 2017. You can read more about this exhibition by clicking HERE.


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