Over at Melincryddan Community Centre this morning we’ve been exploring who we wish we could be. Looking at our hopes and desires is partly about setting realistic goals for our future as well as consolidating our past. Pretending, dressing up, and encouraging play is something most people don’t explore after childhood unless they’re a little inebriated. We encourage it in children so they can discover who they are and who they want to be. By the time we’re adults we are somehow supposed to have worked it all out so that we can be grown ups… whatever that means.

In reality we’re always exploring, hoping, learning more about ourselves. I’ve always felt that the day you stop learning something new is probably the day you die. There is always an evolution of the self which keeps on learning and evolving. It’s a long process of self-cultivation which philosophers have mused upon for millennia* but today we captured it in photographic form. Here are the people of Melin being mindful of who they are, who they were, and who they wish they could be…

*This is nothing new. Confucius knew all about the gradual long term process of developing yourself back in 500BC.
He said: “From the age of fifteen on, I have been intent upon learning; from thirty on, I have established myself; from forty on, I have not been confused; from fifty on, I have known the mandate of Heaven; from sixty on, my ear has been attuned; from seventy on, I have followed my heart’s desire without transgressing what is right.”

“The Master’s Way is nothing but other-regard and self-reflection”

So yeah, go off and reflect. Play. Learn. Be. Develop. Live.


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