Townhill through Photography

A few months ago now a group from Townhill went to Rhossili for their Bringing Gower Home workshop experience. Today we rejoined them to celebrate what was special about Gower and how they have progressed since then.

We combined the photography exhibition with a family fun day and celebrated everything the Gower offered Townhill as well as all the positive things Townhill generates for itself. Some Bringing Gower Home participants have gone on to do other photography courses based on the confidence they’ve gained. Others have revisited the Gower through the winter and have spent more time connecting with this special place.

It was great to see other participants from recent Communities First photography workshops join us and share the differences and the similarities between taking photographs in the city centre as opposed to out on Gower Peninsula. We compared everything from the weather, to transport, to the local facilities in working out where we’d prefer to be.

This Townhill Through Photography exhibition will continue at The Phoenix Centre library in Townhill for a few weeks more to give the community the opportunity to spend more time considering their next visit to Gower through connecting with participants’ photographs. The exhibition also showcases other photographs taken by this vibrant and talented community. You can read more about Bringing Gower Home and how it champions Gower for Swansea Bay communities by clicking HERE.




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