Intentionally International

Fringe Arts Bath at the end of May is a massive two week festival which dominates not just the city’s arts scene but also the city itself. It’s always an amazing experience. Exhibitions pop up all over the place in disused shops, in pubs and clubs, and sometimes in the middle of the street.

I’ve been taking part (showing and curating) since 2013 and it’s a firm favourite in my calendar. Fringe Arts Bath tears up any establishment rules about exhibitions and white cube spaces and encourages us all to think outside the box, smash up the box, and rework it in whatever way we see fit as creatives. The key to the festival is engagement with the public. By bringing art into the public domain Fringe Arts Bath forms an invaluable dialogue with anyone and everyone. Inclusivity is key to making it a success and it’s a great place to get artwork seen by a massive audience from all walks of life.

For the last few years I’ve been co-curating the A Fab Intervention performance event which has an audience of probably around 10000 people over 4 hours. In any given year Bath has around a million overnight tourist visits!* A street event in Bath is a massive deal since the city is such a tourism and commerce mecca. Internationals who have dared to travel beyond London’s tourist traps always make it to Bath. Meanwhile coachloads of Brits do the same to experience the rich culture of the city. In any given minute you could be performing to people whose home is 3000 miles away or just a walk away. Showing and performing at Fringe Arts Bath is not just a stepping stone to getting yourself seen on the international stage, it is the international stage!

Our range of artists for A FaB Intervention is growing too. In 2015 we had just a handful of Wales based artists. Last year’s we grew to include artists from West Wales, Gloucester, Bath, Oxford, and Swansea. So far this year we’ve had interest in A FaB Intervention from Israel and beyond. We want to continue to bring as many artists as possible to Fringe Arts Bath and give as many top quality artists as possible the chance to be heard.

I want you to be a part of it too. Have a look at the FaB Intervention blog over on the Fringe Arts Bath and read the blog about what it’s all about and how you can submit. There’s loads of links to other parts of the festival too so you are bound to find an event which suits you. Click HERE and be part of this award winning festival now!


*data is here!


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