Stories of Melincryddan

Today the group at Melin looked at how to link groups of photographs together to form a narrative. Some participants told stories with progression whilst others thought of themes that they could use to link photographs together.

We chatted about how photographs can reflect on childhood memories but also how they can illustrate experiences we’ve had, situations we’ve never had, and ideas which are as yet unfulfilled. The feeling of contentment and being fulfilled is something we all strive for. Being brave enough to tell stories about our histories is one thing, but allowing ourselves to take a chance and embrace a new challenge is a different kind of bravery. Our Mindful Melin group have all excelled at being brave enough to try something new and open their eyes, and their minds, to improving themselves. Everyone is now far more willing to think outside of the box and think more positively about themselves. Well done everyone. Keep that positivity growing!

This is the last workshop at Neath for a while. We’re hoping to return soon with a new course before the summer. Watch this space!


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