Our Ever-changing Landscape

Today we were Being Mindful out at Croeserw on the edge of the mountains. We challenged the group to really look at the world around them and consider whether the sweeping mountains are as interesting as the rooftops of the estate houses.

This landscape was once rich with heavy industry. Quarries and coal mines littered the landscape. Now a different industry is taking over and this county is a power house for, well, power! Wind turbines are everywhere. These graceful giants are now powering our homes and schools. They’re a cleaner alternative to the old slag heaps and coal fired stations and without the risk that nuclear has. The community at Croeserw welcome their new neighbours. The weather here is ever-changing and unpredictable, and wind is in such abundance, that it makes sense to farm it for the good of the community and the wider population.

So next time you pop the kettle on and imagine where your power comes from, think of this little part of Wales with its willingness to adapt and change so that your coffee keeps flowing. Croeserw might seem like a sleepy mountain-top community but it’s just as progressive, forward thinking, and enterprising as any city sprawl… with the added advantage of epic calming scenery!


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