Who are you Croeserw?

Wall to wall spring sunshine at Croeserw Community Enterprise Centre made our selfie workshop a real joy. Being Mindful is encouraging participants to give themselves the time they deserve to consider their place in the world. Taking time out to consider who we are and which direction we’re going in can be a stressful thing but learning to look at yourself in a calm and considered way can help level our mindset and move forward.

Empowering people to take control of their own self image is part of owning who we are. We share our faces often enough with those around us and use this as an identification tool, but our face is not always a good visual indication of what makes us who we are. Today participants have the space to share strong, optimistic photographs of themselves. Here they’ve shared personal ideas on the future, emotions, belongings, and body parts. Every picture tells a story of the personalities of the participants of Croeserw.


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