Bringing Gower Home to Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group

Today we were in Oxwich for the final Bringing Gower Home workshop, this time with Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group. We don’t plan to visit the same locations with our Bringing Gower Home groups but often the issue of disability and accessibility is at the top of the list for our participants. Protecting the unique natural beauty and the special heritage of Gower is vital and it can be hard for some locations to balance this against the needs of everyone who visits. Choosing Oxwich for today’s workshop was important then so that all our participants could make the most of their trip to Gower.

We were very fortunate today to have Oxwich Community Hall at our disposal and a bus driver willing to get everybody to the beach by whatever means neccessary.* So with that taken care of we were free to explore this unique landscape and express how we felt about this wonderful place. The experts predicted sunshine but this is Gower, so it came as no surprise that we faced hail, sleet, and rain at Oxwich today.

This morning we explored the landscape and looked at unusual things we could find in Oxwich. This afternoon we empowered participants to take photographs of themselves and to share their hopes, dreams, and ambitions of where they’re headed in life. The memories Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group have of this wonderful place will be shared with friends and family at Neath Cricket Club next week. Meanwhile, here are the best photographs taken by participants today sharing with you their Bringing Gower Home experience.

*He just drove straight onto the beach. Forget roads. I swear if the tide had been in he’d have pushed a button and turned the bus into a submarine for us. He was awesome! I’ve always been a firm believer that most problems can be overcome with willpower, logistics, and support from friends. I think today proved that to be totally true.


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